Health 101: Benefits of Sea Moss





Ready to improve and prevent illnesses and diseases? It’s time to invest in your health! You should definitely take the time out to check out this powerful supplement, Sea Moss. Let’s face it, why constainely suffer and put your health in jeopardy? You don’t have to be old to deal with illnesses and chronic diseases, things are a lot different. Unhealthy foods and liquids are constantly pumped with toxic chemicals causing the majority of illnesses and diseases. Why do we choose to constantly poison our bodies daily? You deserve the highest quality of health. Why not take back control of your health?


What is Sea moss?


Sea moss(aka Irish moss) is actually an algae that can be found growing in many Atlantic coastal regions of Europe, the US, Canada, and the Caribbean. Sea moss has a long and proud history. It is praised from Irish ancestors to serve as a good luck charm. The Irish often took the moss on long journeys or placed under rugs in homes to bring good fortune and money to the family. When the Irish went through the ‘Great Famine’ in the 19th century, however, it became more than just a luck charm to the Irish. It became one of their main sources of food and nutrition! Starving with no other food options led to survival through Sea Moss. The success of this algae during this time helped generate popularity, and was one of the major reasons why we have begun to use it so much today!

Dr. Sebi spoke highly of Irish Sea Moss.This wonder seaweed is known to cure various skin diseases. Sea Moss has antiviral agent that cure and prevent respiratory ailments such as pneumonia colds, bronchitis flu and even tuberculosis it is rich in potassium chloride which is said to dissolve guitars on mucus that discharge caused by the swelling of the mucous membrane skin muscle and joint pain. Sea Moss also said to prevent varicose veins rashes and inflammation as well as provide relief for muscle and joint pain thyroid related diseases.


Benefits of Sea moss

Sea moss is healthy, nutritious, natural, loaded with vitamins. Our bodies are composed of 102 minerals and sea moss is revered due to the fact that it delivers 92 of those essential minerals.  The active compound in Irish Sea Moss is carrageenan which helps in restoring good health throughout the body, and the mucous membrane.


  • Helps thyroid function: Your thyroid, a gland in your neck below the adam’s apple, is responsible for increasing the rate and strength of your heartbeat to maintain healthy blood flow throughout your brain. Healthy blood flow through the brain directly affects your ability to think and sleep, which is why it’s so important for your thyroid to function properly. A common mineral that helps your thyroid to function properly is iodine, which is abundant in sea moss. By consuming sea moss regularly, you are directly feeding your thyroid iodine to maintain proper functionality.


  • Increases metabolism: As a result of proper blood flow due to sea moss consumption, your metabolism will also increase. Your metabolism is determined by three primary functions: Your body’s ability to (1) convert food into energy, (2) convert food into building and recovery elements for cells, and (3) discard waste once the previous conversion processes have been completed. Sea moss, then, increases your metabolism by maintaining proper thyroid functionality.


  • Aids in digestion: Due to its gel-like consistency, sea moss can soothe pain from inflammation in the mucus membranes of your intestine. Simultaneously, the sea moss extracts toxins. The result of pain relief and detoxification makes sea moss an effective medicine for digestive issues such as indigestion, gastritis, ulcers, and constipation.


  • Suppresses appetite: For those seeking to lose weight but have trouble eating too much, sea moss is a great appetite suppressant. That’s because sea moss is dense with minerals and nutrients which fill you up quickly.


  • Relieves muscle soreness: help you to recover from intense exercise.


  • Boosts immune system: Put simply, sea moss contains nutrients that help your body fight off illness. Those nutrients have antiviral, antibacterial, anticoagulant, and antimicrobial properties.


How to prepare Sea Moss:


  • Rinse Sea moss.
  • Soak Sea moss with pure spring water and a  lime for 24 hours.
  • In a HIGH SPEED BLENDER, blend the soaked sea moss with the same water. (Please take the time to invest in a High Speed Blender. I made this mistake and I went through two blenders in four days. I recommend the Ninja Blenders for this). I start off with a half cup of water and after that I gradually add water when I feel if it’s needed to get the gel like consistency.
  • Store Sea moss gel in an airtight container.



Sea Moss gel can be enjoyed in smoothies, fresh fruit juice, coconut water etc. I personally enjoy my Sea moss gel in smoothies. To me this is one of the best ways. Currently I’ve been on my journey with Sea moss for a week and I’ve already can tell of a difference it made with my body overall. I have more energy, I have less mucus, I feel happy, healthy, and peaceful. Health is wealth.


Where I purchase my Sea Moss

Instagram links: @fruitsnrootz @chakabars


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