The Importance of Investing in Your Health

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“It is not always easy to stop eating the many acidic foods we’ve enjoyed for so long and have become addicted to but it can be accomplished through cleansing our bodies with the foods our Creator provided.”

-Dr Sebi


It’s less common that we practice preventing illness. Instead, we don’t think twice about what we  are putting into our bodies until illness arise. Why is that? We seemed to be concerned more about what name brand clothes and shoes everyone’s wearing but not concerned about if you took in enough nutrients or water for the day. We are made up of cells. New cells develop when taking in important nutrients daily. When you don’t take in nutrients daily, but take in a lot of unhealthy foods full of chemicals, each cell begins to eliminate. So what happens when all of the body’s cells are eliminated? Unfortunately, no cells, no life.  It’s important that we be the change and take a step on guiding our peers, family, and community to a healthier lifestyle.

 A life filled with health and happiness. A life free of illness. A life that brings you energy and joy. Don’t you deserve it? Don’t your loved ones deserve it? You deserve to be healthy, vibrant, and energetic! The choices you make today will affect how you live your life as you get older.


       Ready to Invest: How to get started it?

  1. Plan ahead so you know exactly what you need for the week. You will avoid unnecessary purchases and only purchase what you need.
  2. Check out your local farmer’s markets. You can purchase fresh produce for less than what you would spend at the grocery store. I get two bags filled with fruits and veggies for under $20.
  3. Buy in bulk! Buying in bulk saves you money.
  4.  Eat less meat. Plant based foods are less expensive than meals prepared with animal protein such as chicken, beef, pork, and fish.
  5. Grow your own. Learn how to grow your own produce. Start with herbs then experiment with tomatoes and strawberries. Nothing is better than the food you grow.
  6. Be mindful of skincare/hair care/oral care products you are using. Majority of commercial products are filled with harmful chemicals that causes chronic diseases like Alzheimer’s, Breast cancer, Brain damage, Skin diseases, and etc. Shop wiser, shop local. Watch out for harmful chemicals like: Nitrogen, Sulfuric Acid,  Ethylene Dichloride, Propylene. (Checkout for the highest quality of natural products).


Remember to take the time to invest in your health today. Live happy and healthy!


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